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The Idiot Test

[Total: 100 Average: 3.5]

idiot-testWell, you were searching for a test that can prove that you are not an idiot? What an idiot,huh. I am kidding. The Idiot Test is not that easy and you will spend a lot of time before you manage to complete it. This test is based on your memory skills – at the beginning of the test the questions are really easy, for example you have to push the red button twice than push the blue one and so on but as you progress you will have to remember more information to give the right answer. All actions in the idiot test are made using your mouse button. Just click the answer you think is right and move to the next one.

The Idiot Test is addictive game but don't get nervous if you can't find the right answer. There is no person in the world who can complete it at first try. The best way to have fun with the idiot test is to ask your friend to complete it and watch his reaction when he fail and the quiz will tell him "You Are Idiot". Anyway, the full version of the idiot test is available at our website for free. You can play it even at school because it's unblocked. Have some fun.